Monday, August 7, 2017

NWEA MAP Growth and MAP Skills Assessment

Local Assessment Updates
A new local assessment has been adopted for implementation across all grades K-10. NWEA MAP Growth assessment will be given in the Fall and Spring to all students and will serve as a benchmark of achievement as well as serving as a screen tool to reduce time and effort with other assessments. Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessments, and the PNOA will only be administered to students not achieving grade level standards on the MAP assessment.

In edition to the MAP Growth, the progress monitoring tool MAP Skills will also be utilized for students in grades 3-8 to assess progress throughout the year. MAP Skills is a mastery and progress monitoring assessment that helps drill down to specific skills each student needs to learn. We will use this between administrations of the Growth assessment to see exactly what struggling students are missing and advance students need so as to adjust instruction accordingly.

Training in administration of this program will be provided August 24
8:00-11:00 @CBMS for Thatcher Brook and Crossett Brook Staff
12:00-3:00 @HUHS for HU and Valley Staff
Space is limited to 40 within a session. Please bring a laptop.

Follow up training will be provided on October 6th to help teachers interpret the results of the MAP administration.

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